Freeway® Message Switch User's Guide

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This User's Guide covers the installation and configuration of the Message Switch, a Server Resident Application (SRA) which runs in a Freeway server.

This copy of the Message Switch User's Guide corresponds to version 3.0-1 of the Message Switch software. The latest version of this document is always available, in a variety of formats and compression options, from the Protogate World Wide Web server.

This document can change without notice. Protogate, Inc. accepts no liability for any errors this document might contain.

Freeway is a registered trademark of Simpact, Inc. and is used here by permission. All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective holders.

Table of Contents
1. Purpose of Document
2. Intended Audience
3. Organization of Document
4. Protogate References
5. Document Conventions
6. Revision History
7. Customer Support
1. Introduction
1.1. Message Switch Overview
1.2. Freeway Server
1.3. Message Switch Configuration Example
1.4. DLI Concepts for the Message Switch
2. Message Switch Configuration and Startup
2.1. Overview
2.2. Configuration Files
2.3. Quick Start and Test of the Message Switch
2.4. ICP_IP Devices
A. Message Switch switch.cfg File
A.1. General Description
A.2. Direct Reply "Ping" Switch Specification
A.3. Two-way Switch Between Two Data Streams Specification
A.4. One-to-many Specification
A.5. Many-to-One Specification
A.6. Client Applications Connecting to the Message Switch
A.7. Using Multicast-Capable Freeway
A.8. Using the Null ICP_IP Device
A.8.1. UDP/IP Example (apinull0)
A.8.2. UDP/IP Example (apinull1)
A.8.3. UDP/IP Example (apinull2)
A.8.4. UDP/IP Example (apinull3)
A.8.5. TCP/IP "Listening" Connections
A.8.6. TCP/IP "Connecting" Connections
B. Other Message Switch Configuration Files
B.1. Freeway Boot Configuration File (bootcfg.sw)
B.2. DLI Configuration File (swdcfg)
B.3. TSI Configuration File (swtcfg)
List of Tables
1. Revision History
List of Figures
1-1. Freeway Configuration (With Message Switch)
1-2. Example Message Switch Configuration
B-1. Freeway bootcfg.sw File
B-2. DLI Configuration File: "Main" Section
B-3. Session "icp0port0": Protocol-independent Parameters
B-4. Session "icp0port0": Protocol-specific Parameters
B-5. Additional ICP0 Session Definitions
B-6. ICP1 Session Definitions (ICP_IP Device)
B-7. ICP2 Session Definitions (ICP_IP Device)
B-8. TSI Configuration File for Message Switch