Chapter 2. Message Switch Configuration and Startup

Table of Contents
2.1. Overview
2.2. Configuration Files
2.3. Quick Start and Test of the Message Switch
2.4. ICP_IP Devices

2.1. Overview

Note:: To use the Message Switch software product for Freeway, you must first purchase and install the Freeway software product. Freeway installation is described in the Hardware Installation Guide for your Freeway model and in the Freeway User's Guide.

The Message Switch is a server-resident application (SRA) which runs in a Freeway server. It implements a switching function which transfers all data received by a set of client application sessions to one or more other sessions.

There is no restriction on the type of sessions which can be switched other than that they use DLI Normal operation. This allows data to be switched between ICP devices of different types (for example, ICP2432, ICP2424, or even ICP_IP devices), using different protocols, at different data rates, etc. Data from several sources can also be switched simultaneously to a single destination, or data from a single source may be switched to several destinations, in any combination.