2.2. Configuration Files

The five configuration files listed below must be present in the freeway/boot directory to tell the Message Switch how to switch data. The product distribution includes example configuration files containing comments describing the syntax and function of the commands allowed by each configuration file (these files are also shown in Appendix A and Appendix B). Together, these files configure Freeway so that the images built with the freeway/client/test/makeapi script can be used to test various features of the Message Switch.


The Freeway configuration file that specifies the characteristics of each ICP device (for ICP_IP devices, for example, it specifies the local IP address, foreign IP address, port numbers, etc.). See Section B.1 for an example. Refer to the Freeway User's Guide for a description of the options available in this configuration file.

swtcfg , muxcfg.sra

The Message Switch TSI configuration file and the Freeway TSI configuration file that specify the shared-memory connection between the Message Switch and Freeway. See Section B.3 for an example. Also refer to the Freeway Transport Subsystem Interface Reference Guide.


The Message Switch DLI configuration file that specifies the protocol-level characteristics of each session (baud rate, clock source, etc.). Each session name specifies a particular ICP and link; for example, icp0port0. See Section B.2 for an example. Also refer to the Freeway Data Link Interface Reference Guide and your specific protocol programmer's guide for descriptions of the options available.


The top-level Message Switch configuration file that specifies which source sessions to connect to which destination sessions. The links (specified as session names) must correspond to entries in the DLI configuration file (swdcfg). The switch.cfg file is detailed in Appendix A.

Also included with the product are three object files, each customized to run with a different type of Freeway:


For 486-based Freeway (fw486 image)


For 68k-based Freeway (fw162 image)


For ppc-based Freeway (fw2604 image)

In addition to the configuration files and the object files, the distribution includes:


Message Switch test program


Message Switch build script

To use the Message Switch, follow the "Quick Start and Test" procedure in the next section. After you reboot your Freeway, the Message Switch starts running. It configures itself automatically, using the setup specified in your configuration files.