1.2. Freeway Server

Simpact provides a variety of user-programmable, wide-area network (WAN) connectivity solutions for real-time financial, defense, telecommunications, and process-control applications. Simpact software includes a wide variety of legacy and specialty protocols that run on Simpact's intelligent communication processor (ICP) boards residing in a Freeway communications server. The protocol software is independent of the hardware and operating system environment.

The Freeway server is a stand-alone box with pre-installed ICPs. It provides multiple data links and a variety of network services to LAN-based clients. Figure 1-1 shows a Freeway server configuration where the client application communicates with the Freeway ICPs using Simpact's data link interface (DLI). A variety of client operating systems are supported (UNIX, VMS, and Windows NT).

The Message Switch runs in the Freeway server processor (shown in Figure 1-1) and uses DLI to access WAN and IP links through ICP boards.

Figure 1-1. Freeway Configuration (With Message Switch)