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Protocol Toolkit Course

The Protocol toolkit class provides an in-depth look at creating a custom protocol image for an Intelligent Communications Processor (ICP) board. The bulk of the class covers the use and modification of the Sample Protocol Software that is a part of the Protocol Toolkit software product. The protocol toolkit can be used with any ICP model installed in a Freeway communications server. The class also covers debugging procedures on the ICP board.

Class length is 2 to 3 days depending on experience level of the students. Toolkit training manuals are provided.

In order to be able to generate and test a protocol image during the class, it is recommended that customers provide the following prior to the start of class:

  • Development system (Windows NT or UNIX) with the SDS CrossCode compiler and linker (from Wind River) already installed.
  • Test system with installed ICP board or Freeway server.

Protocol Toolkit Course Outline:

  • Toolkit overview
    • Software Components
    • Hardware Requirements
    • Client API Overview
    • Serial Communication Basics
  • ICP Interface
    • ICP Device Driver
    • ICP and Protocol Headers
    • Buffer Structure
    • I/O Conventions
    • Protocol Sessions
  • Software Modules
    • OS/Impact operating system
    • Sample Protocol Software Task
    • Utility Task
    • Protocol specific modules
    • Interrupt Service Routines
  • ICP Device Programming
    • Communication Devices (SCC and IUSC)
    • ICP Support Registers
    • Modem Signals
    • DMA Programming
  • Building an ICP Image
    • Compiling and Linking
    • Downloading
    • Debugging

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