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Freeway 101 Course

This class provides students with an introduction to the software and hardware used in the Protogate/Simpact Freeway communication server. Students will go through a basic Freeway system overview and the procedures involved in troubleshooting Freeway hardware. An additional basic overview of the Freeway DLI API can be provided upon request.

The class length varies from 1 to 2 days depending on the experience level of the students. A Freeway 101 training manual is provided.

Freeway 101 Course Outline:

  • Freeway System Overview
    • Detailed Front/Rear/Top view of Freeway
    • ICP Addressing
    • WAN Port Numbering
  • Configuring and Booting the Freeway
    • Operational Overview
    • Detailed Freeway Boot Parameters
    • Operational Procedure
    • Booting the Freeway
  • Freeway Software Overview
    • Freeway Directory Structure
    • Detailed Boot Configuration Files
    • Intro to DLI/TSI configuration
    • Intro to buffer management (Server)
    • Intro to buffer management (Client)
  • Freeway Tracing and Logging
    • DLI Tracing, and Logging
    • TSI Tracing and Logging
    • Server Tracing
    • Server Console Messages
  • Troubleshooting Freeway Hardware
    • CPU Board, LEDs, and Diagnostic tests
    • ICP Boards and Status shown by ICP LEDs
    • Hardware troubleshooting guide

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