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DLI API Course

The DLI API class is designed for customers who are programming a client application to use the Data Link Interface (DLI) API to communicate with a Freeway server. The class provides tips on using the different interface modes available in DLI (synchronous/asynchronous, normal/raw) as well as a look at debugging client applications using the API and server tracing facilities.

Class length is 1.5 to 2 days. This class can be extended to provide API training for a specific protocol. DLI API reference manuals are provided.

DLI API Course Outline:

  • Overview
    • Freeway Server Configuration
    • ICP Configuration
    • DLI API Features
  • DLI Concepts
    • DLI Sessions
    • DLI and TSI Configuration
    • Blocking and Non-Blocking I/O
    • Normal and Raw Operation
    • Optional Arguments
    • Buffer Management
  • DLI Function Calls
    • dlBufAlloc, dlBufFree
    • dlInit, dlTerm
    • dlOpen, dlClose
    • dlWrite, dlRead
    • dlPoll
    • DLI Support Functions
  • Protocol Support Commands
    • ICP and Protocol Commands
    • Protocol Sessions
    • Attach and Detach Commands
    • Bind and Unbind Commands
    • Term Command
    • Protocol Specific Commands
  • DLI Programming Examples
    • Blocking I/O Example
    • Non-Blocking I/O Example
    • Normal Operation
    • Raw Operation
    • Mixed Operation
  • Program Debugging
    • DLI and TSI Error Codes
    • Protocol Error Codes
    • DLI Tracing
    • DLI Logging

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