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Protogate Protocol Library
We have the industry's most extensive library of legacy and specialty WAN protocols. Our protocol solutions support mission-critical applications in financial data services, government agencies, the military, utilities, transportation, and telecommunications. Over 100 protocols are available for use on a wide variety of hardware platforms, including our Freeway® data communications servers and our line of intelligent communications processor boards.

Features and Benefits

  • Select from over 100 legacy and specialty protocols
  • Link your legacy and specialty WANs to IP networks
  • Off-the-shelf protocols provide complete, turnkey data communications solutions
  • Protocol toolkits allow in-house development of custom protocols and network applications
  • Protocol experts on call to solve your toughest network problems

The following is a partial list of our protocol products. If you do not find the protocol you need in this list, please check with us; many of the protocols we support are one-of-a-kind or adaptations of another protocol, and are not listed here.

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General and Commercial Protocols

Asynchronous - Asynchronous data transmission - allows direct access to a variety of asynchronous devices such as remote terminal and remote terminal data link units used in manufacturing, process control, energy management, and a wide variety of commercial applications.

Bitstream - High speed serial synchronous data transmission/reception tool - used for non-byte aligned protocols. Requires an external clock.

BSC 2780/3780 Bisynchronous - IBM 2780 or 3780 data terminal data exchange format - exchanges data between computer systems and print/punch terminals using the IBM 2780/3780 protocol and application programs residing on a host or network client system. BSC 2780/3780 is a half-duplex, point-to-point bisynchronous protocol used by the IBM 2780 and 3780 terminals. Protogate's software includes a file transfer program for Remote Job Entry (RJE) applications.

BSC 3270 Bisynchronous - IBM 3270 display terminal data exchange format - provides communications for networks using the IBM 3270 protocol for data transmission. BSC 3270 is a half-duplex, multi-point bisynchronous protocol used by the 3270 data display system. Protogate's BSC 3270 software supports both primary (control) and secondary (tributary) functions.

DDCMP - Digital Data Communications Message Protocol - provides synchronous or synchronous point-to-point connections in DECnet messages. It is also widely used in government message systems.

HDLC LAPB - High-Level Data Link Control/Link Access Procedure Balanced - high-speed half- or full-duplex point-to-point data communications supporting peer-to-peer links. Serves as the link layer for X.25.

SDLC - Synchronous Data Link Control - IBM high-speed half- or full-duplex point-to-point or multipoint-protocol for data communications. Serves as link layer for SNA

SLC - Byte-synchronous protocol used on airline reservation systems. Based on the ATA/IATA Interline Communications Manual.

X.25 - High speed public and private packet data network format. Protogate's X.25 protocol complies fully with the 1988 CCITT X.25 standard and complies with ISO 8208/7776 international X.25 standards.

Financial Data Services Protocols

FMP Financial Market Protocols - Protogate integrated protocol suite designed for the financial services industry. Supports over 40 market feeds.

American Gold Coin Exchange
Amsterdam Equities
Australian Stock Exchange
CEC Options Canadian Stocks and Options
Chicago Board of Trade
Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa Options
Commodity Exchange Center - New York Mercantile
Consolidated Quote System - SIAC - CQS
Dusseldorf Stock Exchange
European Options Exchange
Foreign Exchange
Goldman Sachs Counter Quotes
Hong Kong Stock Exchange
International Futures Exchange
Kansas City Board of Trade
London Commodities
London Equities
London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange
London Metal Exchange
Madrid Stock Exchange
Merrill Lynch Counter Quote
Merrill Lynch GSI-1
Merrill Lynch GSI-2
Merrill Lynch QRQ
Mid-America Commodity Exchange
Milan Stock Exchange
Minneapolis Grain Exchange
NASDAQ Level 1 Bid/Ask Line
NASDAQ Level 2
NASDAQ/NMS Trade System
New York Bonds/High Speed Quote Line
New York Futures Exchange
Options Price Reporting Authority
Osaka Stock Exchange
Paris Bonds
Paris Cash Market
Paris Forward Market
Philadelphia Board of Trade
SEAQ International
Stockholm Stock Exchange
Tokyo Stock Exchange
Winnipeg Commodities

Utilities and Manufacturing Protocols

SCADA1 - Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. SCADA protocols are almost universally asynchronous protocols and are unique to each manufacturer of RTUs (Remote Terminal Units). Protocols may differ by RTU model.

Government, Military and Radar Protocols1

Protogate's government and military protocol software provides commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions that support a broad range of communications needs. Protogate's protocols and platforms are used for radar tracking, command and control, battlefield communications, air traffic control, and air defense applications.

ADCCP NRM Advanced Data Communication Control Procedure - a standard protocol for government and military communications. Defined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) X3.66 specification. Protogate provides multi-point (NRM - Normal Response Mode) communications for real-time applications such as process control and satellite communications.

ATDL-1 Army Tactical Data Link - performs message formatting and error checking for U.S. Army tactical data links that provide interfaces between Control Centers (CCs) and a communication function. Also referred to as UDL (Unclassified Data Link).

Mode I (AUTODIN) and Mode II (AUTODIN) Automatic Digital Network - interoperability standards for information and record traffic exchange. Protogate supports Mode I (MIL-STD-188-171) and Mode II (MIL-STD-188-172).

CD2 Common Digitizer Protocol - enables the transmission and reception of synchronous radar data. A common use for CD2 is for processing air traffic control radar data (13 bit serial data comm); when used for this purpose it is often known as FAACD2 (Federal Aviation Administration Common Digitizer).

CF Common Format - Tactical Data Link.

CUDIXS Common User Digital Information Exchange System/Subsystem - the data transmission protocol used by the CUDIXS computer-controlled message store and forward system to transmit messages between ships and shore.

AN/FPS-117 - a derivative of CD2 and Asterix/HDLC supporting Lockheed Martin's phased array, 3-dimensional air search radar AN/FPS-117.

ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization - provides a digital data link between control and reporting center (CRC) and the Alternate CRC. Used to transmit Flight Plan messages.

IDL International Data Link - used to send digital messages using the Fixed Format International Data Link Standards between Sector Command Centers/Sector Operations Centers (SCC/SOCs) and real-time tactical data systems known as Air Defense Operations Centers (ADOCs).

LATERAL TELL performs message formatting and error checking for secure digital data links between the military control centers permitting the exchange of air tracking, data link status, and management data.

LINK-1 Tactical Data Link - performs message formatting and error checking for NATO radar tracking systems.

LINK-11B or TADIL-B Tactical Data Information Link - performs all message formatting and error checking for avionics radar tracking data.

LINK-14 Tactical Data Information Link - asynchronous based protocol used to pass tracking data to Link-11A.

LINK-16/HDLC Link-16 tactical data as transported by HDLC LAPB frames and/or X.25 circuits.

LRR Long Range Radar - used to send radar control requirement messages to LRR units and to receive search RTQC, Strobe, Secure IFF, Beacon, and status messages from the units.

Nine-Bit Protocol - Westinghouse radar protocol. Provides multi-line protocol communications for a VAX Qbus host running VMS.

STD 1200B - provides connections to devices that comply with N/SP-STD-1200B. This protocol, which is a version of ADCCP, interacts with the user's application software to achieve station-to-station communications in a balanced configuration.

UDL - Unclassified Data Link - please see ATDL-1

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