Protogate’s Customer Support Services are designed to provide flexible alternatives for supporting our customer’s mission critical data communications networks.

Protogate recognizes that reducing life cycle operating costs and providing rapid access to experienced technical support personnel are becoming important issues as information technology plays an ever greater role in today’s business environment.

Our multi-level support options extend your valuable service protection past the warranty period and allow tailoring of custom support to fit your individual needs.

Selection of an extended support package guarantees you access to uniquely qualified support personnel and allows you to control your cost of ownership budget.

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Features & Benefits

  • Decades of experience in the real-time, mission-critical data communications environment
  • Provides an extensive knowledge base for problem resolution, saving you precious down-time
  • Technical support team with hands-on experience supporting data communications hardware and software
  • Allows fast resolution of problem issues, saving you precious down-time
  • An extended warranty program that addresses the mission-critical needs of customers
  • Protects your investment in critical data communications equipment
  • Training programs to help customers increase the functionality and versatility of their Freeway products
  • Allows your own personnel to quickly address and resolve problems, saving time and money

Technical Assistance Center

Access to Protogate customer support is provided through our Technical Assistance Center (TAC). Our TAC staff is well trained and has hands-on experience with the equipment and software that you purchase. When you contact our TAC, you are immediately connected with an experienced trained member of the TAC staff. The majority of our customer support calls are successfully handled by members of the TAC staff. In the event that our TAC staff cannot solve the problem, your call is escalated to our in-house engineering staff for resolution. In all cases, your call is entered into our call tracking system which monitors problem status until resolution. The call is always addressed by personnel who are thoroughly trained on Protogate and Simpact equipment, and knowledgeable in data communications.

Installation Support

Protogate provides optional professional installation support for those customers who would like quick, no-hassle installation and configuration of their data communication equipment. Installation support includes the following options:

  • Telephone support provided by TAC personnel
  • On-site installation by Protogate
  • Installation training

Telephone installation support is available through the TAC at a fixed hourly rate on an as-requested basis.

On-site installation is accomplished at your facility on a fixed fee basis. The on-site support option includes installation of all Protogate and Simpact hardware and software. With either option, you are guaranteed access to professional support personnel who are highly qualified to get your network up and running in the shortest time possible.

For customers who elect to install their own equipment, Protogate offers a two day installation course. Customers may enroll up to three trainees in each class session. Purchase of installation training also includes up to 4 hours of free telephone support upon successful completion of the training class.

Warranty Support

Protogate’s basic purchase warranty covers your equipment from defects in materials and workmanship for 90 days on software and 1 year on hardware. Included in the warranty is repair of any critical software defect that may be encountered and 25 day (maximum) repair or replacement of any defective hardware. Three day priority exchange of hardware can be arranged as an added option.

Extended Hardware Support

You can protect your investment in Protogate or Simpact hardware by purchase of an extended hardware support plan. Protogate offers two levels of extended support, standard and priority exchange. Standard support extends basic warranty protection, in yearly increments, to protect your investment after the warranty has expired. Priority exchange adds guaranteed 3 day turn-around on repair or replacement of defective hardware.

Extended Software Support

Protogate customers can ensure that their data communications software is maintained to current standards by selecting the Extended Software Support option. Extended Software Support extends basic warranty protection, in yearly increments, to protect your investment after the warranty has expired. Extended Software Support also includes the following:

  • Access to the TAC by telephone, E-mail, or FAX
  • Critical and non-critical defect repair with updates via FTP or media distribution
  • Time-driven problem escalation
  • Scheduled software maintenance releases
  • Updates to product documentation
  • Extended TAC support hours are available as an added option

Comprehensive Support

For those customers who want absolute peace-of-mind, Protogate offers Comprehensive Support. Comprehensive Support includes all hardware and software at a customer site. Services provided under comprehensive support include the following:

  • All of the extended software support services listed above
  • Priority exchange of defective hardware

Non-Contract Support

For those customers not covered under a contract support plan, Protogate offers time-and-material based support services. Service is provided on an as-requested basis and varies from basic telephone support to on-site repair or upgrade of equipment. Protogate TAC personnel can provide assistance in arranging the required level of support.

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