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Protogate New OS/Protogate Release

- Protogate releases new version of its OS/Protogate kernel -

SAN DIEGO, California, 23 March, 2007 -- Protogate, Inc. announced today that it has released a new version of its OS/Protogate software kernel. OS/Protogate is a software image file which is downloaded onto Protogate's ICP boards, along with a protocol software image. The ICP board is an electronic PCI-bus board which can be connected to one or more serial-line data communications channels; when downloaded with OS/Protogate and a protocol software image, an ICP board can implement all the rules of that serial-line data communication protocol. ICP boards are the hardware component which allow Protogate's Freeway data communications servers to connect to serial data communications lines.

The new OS/Protogate has the version designator "1.2-8". That version and all subsequent versions of OS/Protogate implement additional memory-space protection, which prevents any protocol code running on the ICP board from accessing certain areas of the ICP's memory space. This makes the operation of the ICP board more robust and error-free, but also means all protocols versions released prior to today's date (23 March, 2007) must be tested with the new OS/Protogate. Protocol versions which do not satisfy the new OS/Protogate's restrictions must continue to use a previous version of OS/Protogate (1.2-7 or earlier).

All protocols with release dates after today's date (23 March, 2007) will be fully-compatible with the new OS/Protogate. Protocols which have been tested or upgraded to work with the new OS/Protogate are:

  • STD-1200B (version 6.6-3 or later)
  • STD-1300 (version 2.3-1 or later)
  • AUTODIN (version 3.0-1 or later)
  • AWS (version 4.4-1 or later)
  • Milstar (version 1.0-1 or later)

For more information about the internal details of OS/Protogate, see the Freeway OS/Protogate Programmer's Guide, which is available on Protogate's Documentation Archive.



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