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Protogate History

Until January, 2000, a company called Simpact designed, manufactured, and marketed data communications servers that link IP networks to legacy and specialty WANs. With over 25 years of experience and more than 10,000 installations worldwide, Simpact was the leading supplier of legacy and specialty protocol solutions for mission-critical applications.

Protogate is a descendent of Simpact, sharing many of the same employees and customers. We at Protogate are committed to continuing to develop hardware and software to satisfy all data-transport needs. Most of us were long-time employees of Simpact, and have in-depth knowledge of Simpact's products. Together we provide Protogate with expertise in every product which was being supported by Simpact, as well as in the products we've developed since Simpact closed.

Protogate's customers cover a wide range of Fortune 1000 companies, including financial data service providers, banks, telcoms, airlines, and utilities. We also supply government agencies and military organizations throughout the world.

Protogate Products

Freeway Data Communications Servers
The Freeway line of programmable data communications servers provide multiprotocol WAN-to-LAN connectivity. Freeway servers interface with a broad range of computer platforms including IBM, NT, DEC, HP and Sun systems. When used with Protogate's Message Switch software, Freeways can provide a smooth, phased migration path from serial-line WAN data transport to IP data transport.

ICP Boards
Protogate's intelligent communications processor boards (ICPs) provide high-speed real-time data communications. ICP boards are the component of our Freeway servers which perform the low-level serial-protocol data handling.

Protogate's engineers have developed the industry's most extensive library of legacy and specialty protocols, to satisfy many LAN-to-WAN networking needs. Our library contains over 100 protocols, which cover every major industry, including financial data services, transportation, manufacturing, utilities, government, and the military.

Training Classes
Protogate offers training classes, either at your site or at our company offices in San Diego, to instruct your engineers how to use our products. These classes cover everything from how to retrieve WAN data from a Freeway, to how to implement your own custom serial protocol.

Professional Services

Protogate offers a complete line of professional services including project development, installation, and ongoing maintenance. Protogate Engineering Services also provides custom, turnkey networking solutions. We specialize in writing custom applications which run on our Freeway to provide specialized data communication handling (store-and-forward message services, cataloging, re-formatting, traffic accounting, etc.). If you have special needs, please contact us for more information; we'll be happy to talk to you about your requirements.

Protogate Customers

Protogate's customers include Fortune 1000 firms, government agencies, the military, and commercial service providers such as financial institutions, utilities, telecommunications, and transportation companies. Protogate also provides its technology to industry leaders through integrators, VARs, and OEM providers. Below is a partial listing of Protogate customers:

Alamo Title
American Airlines
American Express
Avionics Specialties
Bank of America
Bank of New York
Bruckner Supply
Byte Size, Inc.
California Microwave
C.A.O.R.T.A. S.r.l.
Carlisle Research
Chicago Stock Exchange
Crystal Computer
Deutsche Bank
Dixie Metalcraft
EG&G Defense Materials
Fleet Boston Financial
  Hewlett Packard
Information Builders
Interactive Data
Jet Propulsion Laboratories
Lantech Engineering
Lawrence Livermore Labs
Litton Data Systems
Lockheed Martin
The Logical Company
Mary Kay
Marzen Group
Midwest Computer Support
Mizuho Bank
MJK Electronics
Northrop Grumman
Oerlikon Aerospace
Pacific Corporation
Potomac Electric Power
PUD-Chelan County
Radar Agency (Iceland)
  RS Information Systems
Sandia National Labs
Seattle Times
Software & Services S.r.l.
Standard Chartered Bank
Sterling Computers
Suntze Communications
TFE Technology
TKO Electronics
Union Bank of California
U.S. Coast Guard
U.S. Dept. of Defense
(Army, Navy, Air Force)
Wachovia National Bank
Wells Fargo


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