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Protogate provides classes for Basic Freeway, DLI API, and the Protocol Toolkit. Additional classes can be provided on request for particular protocol or server products. Classes are provided at the customer site and can be tailored to fit the specific needs of our customers.

Freeway® Data Communications Servers
The Freeway family of data communications servers provide multiprotocol WAN-to-LAN connectivity in a client/server environment. Freeway servers are programmable, allowing them to support diverse user applications and custom protocol development. Freeways interface to multiple open system computer platforms including DEC, HP, IBM, NT, Sun, and FreeBSD systems.

ICP Boards
Intelligent Communications Processor (ICP) boards provide high-speed real time data communications, and improve the efficiency of the host computer. The intelligent communications processors in a Freeway system allow specialty protocol WAN access to any system on your local area network.


With over 25 years of LAN-to-WAN networking experience, the Protogate engineering staff has developed the industry's most extensive library of legacy and specialty protocols. The library contains over 100 protocols which cover every major industry, including financial data services, transportation, manufacturing, utilities, government, and the military.


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