Download a Briefing about Protogate (1.3 MBytes)Download a Briefing about Protogate (1.3 MBytes)
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WAN Protocol Data Communications Products

Protogate designs, builds, markets, and supports WAN data communications equipment and software. Our products are used worldwide to provide access to WAN data on IP networks.

Our product line is designed to satisfy any serial-line WAN protocol data requirement:
  • If you need data transferred between a standard WAN protocol and an IP network, you can use our stand-alone Freeway data communications server and one of our off-the-shelf software Protocols.
  • For more direct control of the WAN protocol, you can write a program on your own computer to control the Freeway and its ICP boards and protocols.
  • If you must connect to a one-of-a-kind protocol, you can either have us create the protocol image for you or you can use our Protocol Software Toolkit to develop it yourself.
  • You can take one of our training classes.
  • You can sign up for one of our maintenance and support contracts.
    ( And we provide support and repair services for Simpact, Inc. products such as the ICP1622 board, as well as our own ).


Call us at (U.S.):
(858) 451-0865

A partial list of our WAN protocol products:
CD2, X.25, HDLC LAPB, Link11B (TADIL-B), ATDL-1 (UDL), IDL, Link1, Lateral Tell, MBDL, STD-1200B, STD-1300, ADCCP ABM, ADCCP NRM, nine-bit radars, transparent bisync radars, Mode I (AUTODIN) and Mode II (AUTODIN), BSC 3270/3780, Asynchronous, DDCMP, Market Feed, SWIFT, CHIPs.

For more information, read our FAQ, learn how to access a WAN from an IP network, download a briefing (1.3 MB) about us, or contact us to find out how we can put our products and our expertise to work for you.
Call us at (858) 451-0865Call us at (858) 451-0865
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