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- Protogate releases new Freeway Monitor product -

SAN DIEGO, California, 22 August, 2006 -- Protogate, Inc. announced today that it has released the initial version of a new product: the Freeway Monitor. The Freeway Monitor is a software product which can be added to any Freeway to allow passive monitoring of serial data lines.

The Freeway Monitor is intended to be used on Freeways equipped with hard disks. It adds an SQL database to the Freeway, along with a software daemon which uses the serial data ports to retrieve data and store it onto the disk. Both the raw data and "meta"-information such as the timestamps, addresses, CRC check results, and sequence numbers are stored; the raw data is written to ordinary disk files, and the meta-information (including pointers to the location of each raw data packet within the disk files) is written into an SQL database. Both the raw data and meta-information are available for immediate extraction and display, and either or both can also be retrieved for offline analysis.

The Freeway Monitor also includes a set of PHP webpages which users can use to configure and control the monitoring capabilities, and to examine the recorded data in real-time. Information can be presented at several levels of detail, from high-level graphs of serial-line activity down to low-level displays of every byte sent across the serial data line.

For more information, Protogate has a more detailed description of the Freeway Monitor available in html and in pdf format.



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