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Protogate Data Extraction and Reduction Guide (DERG) Program

- Protogate Tadil-A/B DERG analysis tool -

SAN DIEGO, California, 31 January, 2011 -- Protogate offers a web-based Data Extraction and Reduction Guide (DERG) Message Recording and Display Program for messages on TADIL-A and TADIL-B (Link11A and Link11B) tactical data links.

This program complies with the requirements issued in the document "Department of Defense Interface Standard Multi-TADIL Data Extraction and Reduction Guide (12 December 2002)".

DERG extraction/display programs have often been developed from scratch by different providers of TADIL-A/B message handling. Protogate's product offers an off-the-shelf version that may be integrated into large or small application environments. It is easily run within the Protogate Freeway Communication Server, since Protogate's Freeway offers normal handling of TADIL-A and TADIL-B data streams.

This product performs the DERG recording of these messages (both received and sent) to a standard-format DERG Binary File, and performs the DERG message reduction/display of these recorded messages to a standard output format. The product optionally performs reduction/display directly from the data links without the intermediary DERG Binary File.

The standard DERG Data Selection Options are provided. Filtering of the messages according to time interval, Data Source, and Data Link may be specified, as well as by Message Label, Track Number, Identity, IFF/SIF Code, and Track Platform Category.

The reduction display may include Octal Representation of message contents and Data Field Header Suppression.

Protogate also offers a "quick" DERG Display Progam for TADIL-B, called MILDERG. It is run via a Unix command shell instead of a browser. It does not create a DERG Binary File. It creates a standard DERG message display from a Protogate-proprietary message trace file obtained while operating with Protogate's implementation of the TADIL-B protocol. This product is aimed at supporting TADIL-B application development and testing, as well as fielded-system troubleshooting.

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