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Protogate Announces End-of-Life of ICP6000 product.

- Production of all models of the VME-based ICP6000 board to be discontinued.

SAN DIEGO, California, Feb. 28, 2001 -- Protogate Corporation announced today a schedule for the end-of-life of their ICP6000 WAN protocol board. Orders will be accepted through April 30, 2001; after that date no new orders for the ICP6000 will be accepted. Deliveries can be scheduled out through October 31, 2001.

The schedule for the end-of-life is being driven by Protogate's suppliers. Several critical components of the ICP6000 board are becoming unavailable.

The ICP6000 product will continue to carry a one-year return-to-factory warranty from date of shipment. In addition, Protogate will attempt to provide, on a best effort basis, continued support and repair for all ICP6000 models as long as parts and components are commercially available to Protogate.

The ICP6000 is sold as a separate product, and is also the WAN protocol board used in Protogate's VME-based Freeway 2000, Freeway 4000, and Freeway 8800 products. Protogate encourages all ICP6000 users to carefully review any additional requirements for this product, including spares that may be needed to support product currently deployed, and place order(s) for the ICP6000 product with Protogate as soon as possible.

For those customers that may want to migrate into other products, Protogate has a PCI card available, the ICP2432. Protogate is also currently working on a new version of the ICP2432 in a Compact PCI form factor. The new Compact PCI product, which is due to be released into production later this year, will be compatible with existing Protogate protocol software.

For further information, contact Protogate via email at or via phone at (U.S.) (858) 451-0865.



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