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Protogate Announces Production Release of New ICP2432B Communications Processor Board

- Newly-designed ICP2432B Board Now in Production -

SAN DIEGO, California, 22 April, 2002 -- Protogate Corporation announced today the release to customers of their newly-redesigned ICP2432B Intelligent Communications Processor board. Three new models of the board are available today: the ICP2432B-2, the ICP2432B-4, and the ICP2432B-8, with 2, 4, or 8 WAN ports each.

The new ICP2432B products are PCIbus-based boards which are similar in operation to Protogate's existing ICP2432 boards, but in which two key components of the ICP2432 have been replaced:

  • the Motorola 68349 CPU has been replaced by the Motorola ColdFire 5407 CPU
  • the AMCC PCI interface chip has been replaced by the PLX 9054

Protogate initiated the new ICP2432B redesign last year after the announcement by Motorola of the end-of-life of the Motorola 68349 CPU. That CPU is used by the older ICP2432 boards, and the end-of-life status of that part means that it will eventually be impossible to build those older ICP2432 boards.

The redesigned ICP2432B board will allow Protogate to continue to build PCIbus-based ICP boards for at least the next 5 years, but it also enabled the company to add additional CPU power and RAM capacity, above that available on the previous version of the board. The new design also has a lower parts cost, allowing the company to sell the ICP2432B for less than the previous version of the board. Eric Loos, President and CEO of Protogate: "We always try to bring our customers excellent value, and we have often heard the saying, 'Good, Fast, or Cheap: choose any two', but in this case we are able to give our customers all three. The new ICP2432B board is more capable, faster, and less expensive than its predecessor."

The ICP2432B is a direct replacement for all PCIbus applications of the ICP2432, but will require different protocol images because of the new Coldfire CPU. For all new requirements Protogate will quote ICP2432B boards, but existing customers can still order the older ICP2432 boards if desired.

Protogate is currently designing a CompactPCI version of the ICP2432B board, along with a CompactPCI family of Freeway server systems which will utilize that board. Both the CompactPCI board and CompactPCI Freeway systems will be available in the third quarter of calendar year 2002.



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