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The ICP2432
The ICP2432 is a programmable serial data communications processor that links legacy and specialty protocol networks to PCI-based computers.

The ICP2432 functions as a front end processor for real-time, mission-critical applications and off-loads high-speed data communications tasks which otherwise consume host processor capacity. The programmability and flexibility of the ICP2432 ensures that it can adapt as connectivity requirements change with the addition of protocols, clients, or devices.

Wide Variety of Protocols
Over 100 different legacy and specialty protocols are available for use with the ICP2432. With more than 25 years experience in WAN protocol development, Simpact and Protogate have built the industry's most extensive library of legacy and specialty protocols, and Protogate is a leading supplier of network-level and link layer protocols such as X.25, HDLC, Bisync, Async, SCADA protocols, financial market protocols, and a wide variety of tactical, military, and radar protocols.

Designed for Performance
The ICP2432 enhances system performance by off-loading CPU-intensive communications protocol processing and associated interrupts from the host processor. The ICP2432 can be configured with 2, 4, or 8 serial ports in a single PCI slot that can be programmed to support different line speeds. 32 MB of on-board DRAM provides ample storage for complex protocol software and data. In addition, on-board data buffering is useful for applications involving data segmentation, bursts of data, or host processing delays. The ICP2432 contains a PCIbus mastering interface with dual FIFO registers and a mailbox interface.


ICP2432 Specifications
ICP2432 Datasheet in Acrobat Format
ICP2432 Manuals

Industry's Largest Selection of Protocols
Protogate supports more than 100 WAN protocols, including X.25, HDLC, BSC, Mode I (AUTODIN) and Mode II (AUTODIN), ADCCP, TADIL, SCADA, and many other protocols used by financial data services, airlines, utilities, transportation industries, the government and the military.



The ICP2432 is programmable for bit-synchronous, byte-synchronous, and asynchronous protocols to provide real-time support for data communications. Protocol software is downloaded to on-board DRAM, ensuring easy system support and field upgrades. The ICP2432 is fully software configurable without the need for on-board switches or jumpers.

Multiple High-Throughput Connections
For high throughput and efficient protocol processing, the ICP2432 features a Motorola-based embedded processor and 2, 4, or 8 Zilog Z16C32 communications processors that enable multiple high-throughput connections. Each serial port has two DMA channels that provide full-duplex support between on-board memory and the serial ports.

ICP2432 ports are independently configurable for different characteristics such as line speed, modem control, and clock source. The electrical interfaces for the 2 and 4 port versions can be programmatically configured to support a wide variety of electrical interfaces including EIA-232, EIA-449, EIA-423, EIA-530, MIL-STD-188-114A, and V.35. The 8 port version supports EIA-232 only.

Using the ICP2432
The ICP2432 installs into the industry standard PCIbus. Protogate provides installation software, device drivers, and protocol software.

Toolkit Support
Protogate offers a Protocol Toolkit to support development and integration of private or custom protocols. This Toolkit provides everything needed to port a private or custom protocol to the ICP2432.

Features and Benefits

  • Links legacy and specialty networks to PCI-based computers
  • Improves host processor performance by off-loading protocol communications tasks
  • Supports the industry's most extensive library of WAN protocols
  • Provides 8 independently configurable serial ports in a single PCI slot
  • Achieves peak data rates up to T1 speeds with Motorola-based CPU, 32 MB DRAM, and full-duplex DMA support
  • Allows development of custom protocols with an optional protocol toolkit


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